Our Commitments

Aqua Medical Center


  • Fast Service:
    To provide immediate attention from qualified doctors who are available with us. We will do our best for the very quick turnaround for most medical tests that can be done during the visit to save valuable time.
  • Convenience:
    AQUA clinic and Pharmacy is located in easy to reach location in the heart of the community – AL Qusais. Abundant free parking, easy access to the clinics and the pharmacy, the right doctors to address your concern, open 6 days a week from 8am to 10pm to suit your schedule.
  • Excellent Care:
    Our concern is better customer satisfaction. Our qualified team of doctors and staff ensure the best care.
  • Highly Qualified Doctors/Nurses:
    We have the panel of qualified and experienced medical practitioners and nursing staff, to listen to your concerns with compassion, to make the correct diagnosis and to provide the correct treatment.
  • Friendly and committed to the Community:
    We as a team understand our patients and serves best for their wellbeing and healthy living. We are striving to reach maximum people through better community services.
  • Modern Facilities:
    We have one of the best state of art facilities with latest equipment, high-tech examination rooms and related facilities.


Located behind the Al Queasiest Metro Station