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About Aqua Medical Center

Welcome to Aqua Medical Center, a group of professionals from primary and secondary health care, who are passionate in delivering quality health care services for the public. Aqua Medical Center is definitely a roof build up by Specialists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Patient Advocates, Therapists, Pathologists, Pharmacists and other reputed members from the health care industries, who are dutiful and motivated to serve for the health and well-being of the people and the society. Aqua Medical Center has all the modern current healthcare facilities, which offer a wide range of medical services and thereby guides you through everything for having a healthy future.

We firmly believe that by developing into an easily accessible Healthcare service, it enables us to steadily contribute to grow a healthy society ahead. Aqua Medical Center aims to promote the health and welfare of the local inner city population within Al Qusais region as well as the greater Dubai Area by providing approachable, best quality medical care for people of all ages, cultures and ethnicity, consistently reflecting or even improving the standards set by The Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Aqua Medical Center promises that it is our responsibility to treat each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention. We have set strict objectives to ensure high quality, comprehensive care that is delivered with utmost compassion and dedication. To meet our aims, we have our core objectives predefined in a way that will pay close attention to each & every patient and cure them within a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The modern era has changed our lifestyle and has brought many positive and constructive changes in the medical and health care industry. Here, at Aqua Medical Center, we guarantee that our medical team and facilities are up-to-date and our personnel are trained constantly for the same. In context to the changing ways of healthcare, it is fundamental to take a team approach in order to serve the highest quality service and treatment for our patients. Having the online appointment facility with our specialists is definitely an example of how we have adopted advanced ways to meet the expectations of our patients.

We are devoted to provide not just excellent care but also to reflect strong values of personal relations through commitment and compassion. A patient at our facility is benefitted by care and empathy, a thorough diagnosis and a proper explanation of the treatment plan and the procedures involved in the process. Our team of experienced doctors are committed to provide respect and care for the patient during and after clinical examinations and pay absolute attention for infection control, as well as dedicated in performing excellent follow-ups. Our team is very enthusiastic to provide utmost care, commitment and respect to all the patients in our premise, and this remains ultimately the most satisfying output gained from our services - the art of care and healing for those in need.

"Patients First" is the guiding principle of Aqua Medical Center. We strive to provide outstanding and compassionate treatment in every step of the curing process. Prioritising our patient's needs in every aspect of a patient's encounter with Aqua medical Center is our key motto.